The Tibetan Mastiff is a huge Tibetan canine variety having a place with the mastiff family. Its twofold coat is long, subject to atmosphere, and found in a wide assortment of tones,

Future: 12 – 15 years

Tallness: Male: 66–76 cm, Female: 61–71 cm

Weight: Male: 45–73 kg, Female: 34–54 kg

Personality: Solid Willed, Tireless, Difficult, Reserved, Savvy, Defensive

Starting point: Tibet, Nepal, Himalayas

Shadings: Dark, Dark and Tan, Earthy colored, Red Gold, Earthy colored and Tan, Blue Dim


Tibetan Mastiffs are faithful and committed family pets and buddies

They are perhaps the most beneficial variety on the planet

Albeit huge, TMs are awesome around kids

They shed decently over time just more so in the spring and harvest time

They are not exceptionally high support on the prepping front and their jackets don’t will in general get tangled

They need enough space to communicate being such huge canines

Doggies are costly and the expense of taking care of them is high

They are excellent guard dogs


Tibetan Mastiffs need a great deal of every day work out

They are exceptionally enormous canines and need sufficient space to communicate

The expense of taking care of a TM is high since they are such huge canines

They have a high prey drive

They are not the most ideal decision for first time canine proprietors


Tibetan Mastiffs are amazing and honorable looking canines that gloat a very thick twofold coat and huge rugged tail that canines convey twisted over their backs. They are amazing, very much fabricated and in spite of the fact that they may appear to be moderate and hefty, Tibetan Mastiffs can show a decent turn of speed when they need to. They are certainly not a decent decision for first time proprietors in light of the fact that albeit shocking these canines should be very much taken care of and prepared by somebody who knows about the variety or comparable kind of canine.

For quite a long time, these overwhelming canines procured the standing of being unbelievable watchmen in their local Himalaya where they have consistently been exceptionally valued. All the more as of late, a Tibetan Mastiff was sold at a record cost, making the canine the most costly on the planet. Today, these honorable enormous canines are still seldom observed Around the world, yet the variety’s fame is picking up force all gratitude to the way that Tibetan Mastiffs have such kind and steadfast qualities.


Male, Female, Both

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