Red and Green Macaw



Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Green-wing macaw, red and green macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara chloroptera

ADULT SIZE: 40 inches long with a 49-inch wingspan, weighing 3 3/4 pounds

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 50 years; however, there have been reports of green-wing macaws living well into their 80s

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Second in size just to the hyacinth macaw, which is the biggest parrot species, the green-wing macaw is frequently known as a delicate goliath, because of its quiet demeanor. Its splendid shading and disposition make it a most loved family pet for the individuals who have reality to really focus on a huge bird.

Beginning and History

The green-wing macaw is local to a large number of the tropical swamp backwoods of Central and South America, including Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Suriname, French Guiana, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. It lives in a practically a similar area as the blue-and-gold macaw.

Green-wing macaws have been kept in bondage as far back as the seventeenth century. Hostage rearing projects took off during the nineteenth century and were very effective. Today, it is somewhat simple to discover green-wing macaws reared in bondage. In the same way as other tropical birds, this present macaw’s normal environment has been seriously drained, and many are as yet caught for the bootleg market parrot exchange.


Green-wing macaws are manageable and warm with a typically even, agreeable attitude. They are cordial and require several hours of cooperation with you consistently. These birds are splendid; they can figure out how to express words and do stunts.

As probably the biggest specie of parrot, they have extraordinarily amazing noses. Despite the fact that they are among the most delicate parrots, a green-wing macaw with conduct issues can be a gnawing danger for families with young kids (and little fingers). Most types of parrots will foster social issues in the event that they don’t stand out enough to be noticed from you or their human rush.

Discourse and Vocalizations

The green-wing macaw can be instructed to express around 15 words yet isn’t known for its talking capacity. This bird will shriek and shout, for instance, when it gets invigorated, feels undermined, or needs consideration. This bird can get boisterous. This species is an unacceptable ally for the individuals who live in a loft or other crowdedness.

Green-Wing Macaw Colors and Markings

The green-wing macaw is one of the most conspicuous of all the parrot species. These brilliant birds are a profound dynamic red on the head, shoulders, and bosom with a greenish band beneath the shoulders and wings. The green band changes to dim blue on the wings, and there is light blue on the backside and on the tail feathers.

The long tail feathers are red, tipped in blue. The legs and feet are a profound dim, and the mouth is horn-shaded with a dark lower mandible. The bird has eye patches on the face. Guys and females are unclear, then again, actually guys are somewhat bigger. To sort out the sex of the bird, it will require DNA testing or careful sexing.

Really focusing on Green-Wing Macaws

In the wild, green-wing macaws live in groups of six to eight birds; they are exceptionally friendly. Green-wing macaws are exceptionally receptive to preparing and should be given satisfactory consideration and holding time because of their social qualities. An exhausted macaw is a dangerous macaw.

Plan to invest a lot of energy associating with your bird. At the point when you take a green-wing macaw into your home, you adequately become its “herd” and should remember it for family exercises.

A huge macaw like a green-wing needs a large enclosure: 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet at any rate. The green-wing is a fairly calmer bird than a portion of the other enormous macaws, however it is as yet a boisterous animal groups.

Mount a solid roost in the enclosure, and be ready to supplant it every so often as it gets harmed. Food, water, and treat dishes ought to be mounted over the roost on the enclosure. Branches inside the nook will offer the bird climbing exercise. Give an assortment of toys to biting and playing. A playpen structure at the highest point of the enclosure is a smart thought.

The green-wing macaw will likewise progress admirably whenever kept in an open air aviary during warm climate. It can likewise adjust well to a whole room committed as an indoor “bird room.”

Possessing an enormous green-wing macaw is a costly undertaking that requires a great deal of steady consideration. Prior to bringing this bird home, be ready to invest much as far as energy, feed, gear, veterinary bills, and potentially home fix costs.

Normal Health Problems

Green-wing macaws, as other macaw species, are powerless to certain infections, including:

Proventricular expansion infection (likewise called macaw squandering illness): This viral sickness causes gastrointestinal issues just as neurological manifestations. It is normally lethal, and the best preventive measures are to keep the birds confined from different birds that may convey the infection.

Psittacine mouth and-plume infection: A sickness brought about by a circovirus, it kills the cells of the quill and snout and furthermore compromises the resistant framework. It is typically deadly and is best forestalled by ensuring your bird has been appropriately isolated before you get it.

Psittacosis: This bacterial sickness causes respiratory side effects and eye release. Focused on birds are generally helpless, and brief treatment with anti-microbials can frequently fix the infection.

Different issues that are less significant incorporate sensitivities and conduct issues, for example, feather culling, which ordinarily happens in parrots that are exhausted or baffled.

Diet and Nutrition

In the wild, green-wing macaws eat natural product, seeds, berries, and nuts. They additionally gather at dirt bluffs. Earth contains minerals and salts that the birds devour to kill poisons.

Pet green-wing macaws, similar to all parrots, ought to devour an excellent business seed and pellet blend notwithstanding day by day servings of bird-safe products of the soil. Most green-wings appreciate being hand-taken care of simultaneously as family supper time. Green-wing macaws are known to eat some protein in the wild, and in imprisonment, they will eat pieces of cooked chicken.

Every macaw, contingent upon its size, will eat around 1/2 to 3/4 cup of parrot blend and around 1/2 to 3/4 cup of foods grown from the ground each day. You can take care of it once toward the beginning of the day after waking and at sunset before it rests. Eliminate all uneaten food before sleep time.

Likewise with all parrots, avocado, chocolate, rhubarb, and espresso beans are poisonous.


Male, Female, Both

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