Blue Headed Pionus



Named for their vivid and eye-getting feathers, these birds are usually known as the Blue Headed Pionus, or, all the more just, the Blue Headed Parrot. Their logical name is Pionus menstruus.


The wild Blue Headed Pionus makes its home in the tropical spaces of Costa Rica, Central America, and South America, where it flourishes in sticky regions and homes in woodland trees. It has been kept in bondage for a long time, and this has driven the Blue Headed Pionus to be dearest as a pet in homes from one side of the planet to the other.


The Blue Headed Pionus is a medium to enormous measured parrot. At development, these kinds of birds regularly arrive at lengths of up to 12 inches when estimated from snout to tail. They are somewhat stocky parrots, as different kinds of Pionus, and grown-ups by and large weigh in the neighborhood of 8 to 9 ounces when at a sound weight.

Normal Lifespan

Like other Pionus species and most hookbills, a solid, very much dealt with Blue Headed Pionus can be anticipated to satisfy 40 years in bondage — and some have even been recorded to live significantly more. Due to their uncommonly long life expectancy and the consideration that is required when really focusing on a pet bird, potential proprietors are emphatically advised to do a lot of examination and ensure that they are prepared to focus on focusing on one of these birds prior to taking on one.


The Blue Headed Pionus, as other Pionus parrots, has gained notoriety for being autonomous while simultaneously remaining firmly fortified and gave to their proprietors. They appreciate connecting with their human relatives, messing around, and interesting themselves with a lot of bird toys. Numerous proprietors have announced that they have agreeable, delicate characters and that they watch out for not chomp as much as different species — in spite of the fact that they are surely fit for doing as such in the event that they take a tendency. Pionus parrots are likewise generally answered to be among the calmer sorts of parrot species, particularly for their size.


The wonderful plumage of the Blue Headed Pionus is liable for the bird’s name just as its massive fame among pet proprietors. The body of these birds is chiefly a dazzling green tone, with bronze suggestions on the upper pieces of the wings. The head is a splendid and splendid blue tone, and this proceeds to the mid piece of the bird’s bosom. They have more obscure, dusty shaded circles on every one of their cheeks, and red plumes on the undersides of their tails, as all Pionus parrots do. One more unmistakable element of these birds is a trademark red fix on the upper mandible of the snout.

Taking care of

Like all parrots, abundant consideration ought to be paid to the nourishing substance of the Blue Headed Pionus’ eating regimen. In bondage, these birds will in general do best when they are taken care of a top notch business pelleted diet, enhanced with a seed blend defined for enormous birds. These food sources ought to consistently be served related to an assortment of new bird-safe products of the soil to guarantee that they are getting the appropriate measures of nutrients. These parrots likewise regularly partake in an assortment of natively constructed bird treats, for example, bird bread plans, sprouts, and other nutritious manifestations.


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