• Logical name: Felis chaus.

    Characteristic living space: Can be found in the Center East, South and Southeast Asia, and southern China.

    Size: 14 creeps at the shoulder. 23–30 crawls long. Can weigh as much as 35 pounds.

    Diet: Fundamentally eats little vertebrates, for example, rodents and rabbits.

    Life expectancy: 15–20 years in imprisonment.

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What to think about wilderness felines

Wilderness felines are local to Asia, Sri Lanka, and Egypt. They are the biggest living Felis species.

This is another wild feline species used to deliver crossovers with tamed felines (explicitly a Chausie or wilderness bounce).

In the wild, this species can live for around 12–14 years. It can live 15–20 years in imprisonment.

Wilderness felines are likewise anxious creatures that are exceptional in bondage like the ocelot and Geoffroy’s feline.

They are likewise delicate felines that would require security in a calm family unit (or be kept up in a very much estimated outside nook for more often than not).

They are not imperiled, however their populace is in decay.


Male, Female, Both

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