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  • Scientific name: Leopardus geoffroyi.
  • Natural habitat: Southern and central South America.
  • Size: About 24 inches in length. Typically weighs between 4.4 and 11 pounds.
  • Diet: Eats small animals like rodents, lizards, and insects.
  • Lifespan: Longest living on record lived 20 years when domesticated.



What to know about Geoffreys cats
Geoffroy’s cats are small cats native to the southern and central regions of South America.
Geoffroy’s cats are one of the smallest wild cat species on Earth. They are only four to eight pounds when fully grown. They are obviously no threat to humans.
Taking their native region into account, they can survive extreme heat and cold conditions.
They are also relatively rare in the pet trade, and their gene pool is unfortunately limited in captivity. This particular cat is used to make an extremely rare hybrid called the safari cat (discussed below).
The Geoffroy’s cat’s CITES status is Appendix 1, meaning their trade is strictly regulated but allowed. Despite their extremely small numbers in the wild, they are being phased out in zoos due to lack of room for small cat species. Private owners can assist.
This is a cat that, like the ocelot, can be rather timid and less social. Therefore, this animal is a poor pet choice as it would require a lot of privacy and little noise pollution. These shy cats can become aggressive in addition to their nervousness, and these qualities may amplify when they reach sexual maturity.


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