• Logical name: Prionailurus viverrinus.

    Characteristic territory: South and Southeast Asia.

    Size: 22–31 creeps long. Weighs between 11–35 pounds.

    Diet: They primarily eat fish.

    Life expectancy: Up to 10 – 15 when tamed

    NB: Possibly CONTACT In the event that YOU ARE Not kidding Purchaser


What to think about fishing felines

As the name infers, this feline loves to play in the water.

Fishing felines are not normal in the pet exchange. They are commonly just held in USDA authorized offices since they are a felid tag (a wildcat warning gathering) oversaw species. Kapi’yva Exotics keeps up the lone private assortment of these creatures (they are authorize by the Zoological Relationship of America).

They have been acquainted with the private pet exchange different nations,

On account of their surprising presence as pets, there is little information about them open.


Male, Female, Both

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