• Logical name: caracal.

    Characteristic territory: Local to Africa, the Center East, Focal Asia, and India. Frequently favors dry regions.

    Size: 16–21 creeps at the shoulder. 29–31 creeps long. Guys can gauge 26–40 pounds, females can gauge 19–29 pounds.

    Diet: Generally eats, little warm blooded creatures, fowls, and rodents. Sporadically chases bigger prey like elands.

    Life expectancy: 18 When trained, 10 in nature.

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What to think about Caracals

Caracals are a kind of lynx that look like servals with regards to character.

They are known as the desert lynx and are found in pieces of Africa and Asia.

Like servals, they generally impart by murmuring, which can sound compromising. Notwithstanding, caracals are likewise, or maybe more, respectful than servals. This implies that they have a to some degree conventional feline like demeanor. They play and cooperate with their proprietors on their footing.

They are not a pet where you can start fondness at any second. At the point when caracals do play, they are uncontrollable and ruinous with normal family unit items and furniture.

Like servals, they will eat a few pounds of meat daily


Male, Female, Both