• Coherent name: caracal.

    Trademark an area: Local to Africa, the Center East, Focal Asia, and India. Habitually favors dry districts.

    Size: 16–21 jerks at the shoulder. 29–31 crawls in length. Folks can measure 26–40 pounds, females can check 19–29 pounds.

    Diet: Generally eats, minimal warm blooded animals, fowls, and rodents. Inconsistently pursues greater prey like elands.

    Life expectancy: 10-18 years

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What to think about Caracals

Caracals are a sort of lynx that resemble servals concerning character.

They are known as the desert lynx and are found in bits of Africa and Asia.

Like servals, they for the most part confer by mumbling, which can sound compromising. Regardless, caracals are moreover, or perhaps more, aware than servals. This infers that they have a somewhat regular cat like disposition. They play and help out their owners on their balance.

They are not a pet where you can begin affection at any second. Right when caracals do play, they are wild and ruinous with ordinary nuclear family things and furniture.

Like servals, they will eat a couple of pounds of meat day by day


Male, Female, Both

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