The Cane Corso is an Italian variety of mastiff. It is utilized for individual assurance, following, law implementation, as a gatekeeper canine, and as a friend canine.

Future: 10 – 12 years

Source: Italy

Personality: Reserved, Stable, Quiet, Even Tempered, Trainable, Calm

Weight: Female: 40–45 kg, Male: 45–50 kg

Stature: Female: 58–66 cm, Male: 62–70 cm

Tones: Black, Chestnut Brindle, Fawn, Gray, Black Brindle, Red


The Cane Corso is a working canine who thoroughly appreciates having something essential to deal with. This old Italian canine assortment was made to screen property and pursue significant game, for instance, wild hoard.

Notwithstanding the way that these are pure breed canines, you may find them under the careful gaze of rescue get-togethers or safe houses. Make a point to grasp! Take the necessary steps not to shop on the off chance that you need to bring one of these canines home.

Stick Corsos are noteworthy and athletic, generally fitting to experienced pet watchmen who have gigantic, securely fenced yards. They’ll absolutely require their kin to give them an endeavor; else, they may find their own specific habits to decrease exhaustion — likely with perilous direct. If you can give your canine a ton of room, work out, and planning, by then this may be the assortment for you!

See underneath for all canine assortment qualities and real factors about Cane Corsos!


The Corso is one of various Mastiff-type canines. This one was made in Italy and is said to slide from Roman war canines. He is more gently worked than his cousin, the Neapolitan Mastiff, and was raised to pursue game, watch property, and be an all around farm hand. Their mix included assembling pigs or bovines and helping with driving them to promote.

“Stick,” clearly, is Latin for canine and gets from “canis.” “corso” may come from “cohors,” which implies defender, or from “corsus,” an old Italian word meaning strong or good.

The assortment declined as developing ended up being more mechanized and gravitated toward to disposal, anyway starting during the 1970s canine fanciers endeavored to alter the Corso. The Society Amatori Cane Corso was outlined in 1983, and the Federation Cynologique Internationale saw the assortment in 1996.

A man named Michael Sottile imported the fundamental litter of Corsos to the United States in 1988, followed by a second litter in 1989. The International Cane Corso Association was molded in 1993. Eventually, the assortment club searched for affirmation from the American Kennel Club, which was permitted in 2010. The assortment is right now regulated by the Cane Corso Association of America.


The Corso is a colossal, strong canine. Folks stand 25 to 27.5 drags at the wilts; females 23.5 to 26 inches. Weight is proportionate to height and ordinarily goes from 90 to 120 pounds.

Children And Other Pets

Exactly when he is fittingly raised, arranged, and blended, the Corso can be treasuring toward and protective of youths. It’s huge, in any case, that doggies and adult canines not be permitted any opportunity to seek after children and that youngsters go without making abrasive sounds in his quintessence. Running and shrieking may cause the Corso to interface adolescents with prey. Keep him restricted when kids are going around outside and making lots of upheaval, especially if your adolescents have allies over. The Corso may figure it essential to step in and guarantee “his” kids, and that is likely not going to end well. Rounds of bring or — for little children — helping with holding the chain are satisfactory ways for youths to help out a Cane Corso doggy or adult.

Similarly with each breed, you should reliably tell adolescents the best way to approach and contact canines, and reliably deal with any interchanges among canines and little children to thwart any biting or ear or tail pulling as for either party. Teach your child never to push toward any canine while he’s eating or napping or to endeavor to eliminate the canine’s food. No canine, paying little heed to how appreciating, should really be left solo with a youth.

The Corso may exist together with various canines or cats in case he is raised with them, anyway he will most likely consider unconventional to be as prey and invested a bold energy to butcher them. It’s fundamental to have the choice to shield neighbors’ pets from him. This is another event where socialization is an outright need. Your Cane Corso should pick up since the starting to attempt to try not to freeze inside seeing various canines. If you do get a resulting canine, either another Cane Corso or an other assortment, it is ideal to pick one of the other sexual orientation.


Male, Female, Both

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