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This is a cute little fish found in Caribbean and is a rare fish which, even at its maximum size is tiny and small. It is found in deep waters and is thus very difficult to capture. It hardly ever goes on sale and this adds to its value.

7 reviews for BLADEFIN BASSLET

  1. Eva

    Bladefin Basslet is very sweet fish i like it.

  2. Nims

    Bladefin Basslet looks healthy and happy.

  3. Nimmi

    I love how each bladefin Basslet fish has a different soundtrack when it goes into the aquarium.

  4. Sujan

    Omg I Love the bladefin Basslet

  5. Jack

    The care bladefin Basslet pets really love and care about them and Amazing,So i would buy soon.

  6. Riyan

    Thank you so much for providing us great animal services

  7. Root

    We are Very setisfyed on your products.

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