4-6 Inch = $600.00

6-8 Inch = $800.00

8-10 Inch = $1000.00

We right now have some top notch Black Diamond stingrays available to be purchased. On the off chance that you definitely understand what you are looking for please visit our online shop to see our present supply of stingrays for sale.Otherwise, in the event that you need counsel or help choosing your fish we are consistently glad to talk to you about the thing you are searching for. So in the event that you have any inquiries please contact us


The principle contrasts between a Black Diamond and Leopoldi are:

More obscure body tone (Black)

Huge spots should be more white

White spots on the oar balance/spots on claspers

White spots around and in the eyes

Stomach spots

Twofold column of little white spots around the plate edge

Dark Diamonds would then be able to be sub-separated into 3 classes

Thousand Island:  Has numerous little white spots covering its body with some bigger spots on the center of the circle

Eclipse: Has brilliant white ring formed example encompassing the plate frequently loaded up with dark spots. These special examples frequently structure line and letter shapes.

Huge Spot: Clearly given its name dependent on huge round white spots encompassing the circle of the beam. The example is regularly even albeit each fishes design is special.


Male, Female, Both

Size /Price

4-6 Inch = $600.00, 6-8 Inch = $800.00, 8-10 Inch = $1000.00

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