Amazon Parrots


Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Double yellow-headed Amazons, yellow-naped Amazons, yellow-fronted Amazons, blue-fronted Amazons, orange-winged Amazons, green-cheeked Amazons, Panama Amazons, white-fronted Amazons (spectacled Amazons), mealy Amazons, red lored Amazons, and lilac-crowned Amazons


ADULT SIZE: Amazons are medium- to large-sized parrots. Depending on the species, they measure about 10 to 20 inches in length from beak to tail.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: With good care, most Amazon species live 50 years or more.

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Origin and History

Their regular living space can go from South America to Mexico and into the Caribbean. In the wild, the Amazon parrot’s regular living spaces incorporate savannas, palm forests, scour backwoods, and rainforest.

Since many were poached from the wild, a few animal categories have become wiped out. A large portion of the leftover Amazon species are undermined by eradication because of the pet exchange. A global settlement at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has made the catch of wild parrots for the pet exchange unlawful. In case you are considering getting an Amazon, ensure you work with a confirmed parrot reproducer, salvage, or reception office.


Amazons are splendid and fun loving birds that adoration being the focal point of consideration. They need bunches of friendship and time with their proprietors. They are interested, athletic, and appear to appreciate engaging their proprietors with clownish tricks. Hand-took care of Amazon parrots commonly make adoring, warm pets.

Amazon parrots are to some degree testy once they arrive at sexual development and can turn out to be genuinely forceful if not prepared and dealt with accurately. Some male Amazon parrots might show “macho” conduct by swaggering around, blazing their quills, or making pinpoints with their students.

This young adult, chemical energized feigning stage is run of the mill in all Amazons. The stage begins as they approach sexual development (age 4 months to 1 year). While the stage passes, it can here and there keep going for as long as two years. During the feigning stage, Amazons might nibble and show other forceful practices. It’s more obvious in guys, and a few birds carry on more than others. Along these lines, you might need to think about a female parrot. By and large, a youthful or young adult Amazon isn’t the best bird for families with youngsters.

An Amazon parrot utilizes non-verbal communication to show its mind-set. For instance, an edgy Amazon parrot may be showing it would not like to be dealt with, and inability to perceive this may bring about a chomp.

Discourse and Vocalizations

Blue-fronted, twofold yellow headed, and yellow-naped Amazons are viewed as the best talkers of the Amazon family. The can talk with clearness and even comprehend the unique situation. By and large, most Amazon species can figure out how to talk, a larger part of the species are mumblers or will muddle the words.

With respect to different vocalizations, Amazons can be very boisterous and noisy. Amazons are additionally acceptable screamers and screechers, however not as boisterous as cockatoos or macaws. These boisterous vocalizations are the means by which the birds spoke with the group—generally showing risk, outrage, fervor, or calling for consideration.

Amazon Parrot Colors and Markings

Most Amazon parrots have a green body. Contingent upon the specific species, they have unmistakable quill colorings on their head and temple. These tones can go from red, lilac, yellow, purple, blue, and that’s just the beginning. Others show different shadings on their shoulders, tail quills, and mouths.

By and large, Amazon parrots are monomorphic, implying that you can’t differentiate guys and females by taking a gander at them. Some Amazon parrots are dimorphic, or genuinely recognizable among male and females subtlely. The white-fronted Amazon and blue-fronted Amazons have somewhat unique hue of their plumage. To precisely decide the sex, your bird would require a careful sexing methodology or a DNA test; the last is less expensive and less intrusive.

Really focusing on Amazon Parrots

All types of Amazon parrots are seemingly perpetual as most huge birds are. You can anticipate that a healthy Amazon should live around 50 years or considerably more with great nourishment and care, so plan appropriately.

An Amazon parrot needs an open enclosure. Remembered for the enclosure ought to be toys and swings spread out inside the enclosure, just as a play rec center/play tree, grappling rope, or stepping stools to scale. This gear will support development and exercise. The base enclosure size ought to be 24 crawls by 36 inches and 48 inches tall with bar dispersing of 3/4 to 1 inch. An aviary or safe free flight region is great.

Other than the underlying acquisition of the bird, the enclosure, and food, the heft of your excess costs will be for toys for your pet parrot. Being exceptionally lively, Amazons need bunches of tough toys. Plan to go through a great deal of toys over the lifetime of your bird. Ponder bird toy security when you pick toys. Amazons especially prefer to bite toys and hold plays with their feet.

Most Amazon parrots love to wash. Normal washing assists with keeping the bird’s quills fit as a fiddle. These birds appreciate joining their proprietor in the shower, getting a splash shower with a shower container, or hopping in a water dish and sprinkling water for what it’s worth.

Normal Health Problems

Amazons are generally sound, extensive birds however are defenseless to the accompanying conditions:

Quill culling conduct, typically an aftereffect of disregard or absence of mental/actual incitement

Psittacosis, likewise called parrot fever, a contamination brought about by chlamydia microscopic organisms

Helpless dietary patterns and heftiness, which are handily stayed away from with a solid, adjusted eating routine and standard, every day work out

Diet and Nutrition

Amazon parrots eat an assortment of seeds, nuts, natural products, berries, and vegetation in nature. As a pet, your Amazon ought to eat a fair, figured pelleted bird food and new products of the soil. Feed around 1/3 to 1/2 cup of pelleted food and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of new products of the soil every day. You can offer pretty much food, contingent upon your bird’s size, movement level, and weight acquire.

Seeds and nuts are excessively high in fat for Amazons. You can give them as treats, yet they should make up close to 10 percent of their entire eating regimen. To keep your bird solid, ensure you give the right nourishing necessities every day. Continuously clear out water bowls each day and proposition new water.


Male, Female, Both

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