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since the age of 18 i have probably moved about 20 times but finding a place to rent in the uk especially in london is by far the most stressful experiencenow today i am sharing with you all the processes and tipsso that i could potentially save you some headaches hi ladies and gents for those of youwho’ve been here before welcome back but for those of you who are new my nameis poppy

and i have created this channel to share with youanything London anything UK from an eye of someone who relocated hereat the title suggests today we’re gonna be talking aboutrent in the uk and i’ll add a few bits and tips about rent in London as well solet’s get right into it before you start this whole processthe very first thing that you need to do is ask yourself a couple of questionsbecause the thing is properties in

the uk and especially in Londondo go quite quickly so it’s handy for you to know what you want before youstart searching the first thing that you need to know iswhat kind of properties you want to be renting for example do you need a gardendo you need allocated parking space is off-road parking okaydo you want a flat do you want a house how many bedroomwhich area you want to be living in and how farfrom the train station or the tube station or bus station you’re going tobe looking for you need to be able to answer all thesequestions before you actually start searching

the next question will be what is your budget now i am anaccountant myself and before i do anything i think aboutthe money typical but budget is important becauseespecially in London which i’ll mention the reason later youmight need to even pay a little bit more than you werelooking for personally i wouldn’t rent for more than30 percent of my salary but i know that in London for examplebecause properties are so expensive i do know some people

that pay up to 40 but bear in mind that apart from rent itself you are also going to be payingfor other stuff which kind of add up your monthly billsif you want a guide price i actually have a video of cost ofliving in London that should be helpful for you to kindof like work out your budget i know it’s London specific in thatvideo but if you’re looking to rent elsewhere outside of London thatvideo could potentially also be helpful to give you a good guidance of prices in

the uk to add into your budget considerationplease also be aware that there are going to besome upfront costs when you find your property for examplethere are going to be agency fees so that includes the feesfor reference check admin fees of the agency also there willbe Refundable deposit i think that’severywhere in the world where you are going to look for a runin the uk the refundable deposit is calculatedas it stands as five weeks rent so be prepared to pay

that also just tomention if you are going to look for rent in a big cityi know London for certain you will probably be asked to pay for a holdingdeposit just to take the property out of the market so you know be aware ofall these costs that you are potentially gonna have to pay now when you know whatyou want here comes the juice the searching process i feellike this is the fun part by the way i’ll be leaving all the links of thewebsites

that i have used to search property and website that iknow down in the description box when you search for the properties forrenting make sure that you read everything very carefully andcompare that against what you had in your criteria or your checklistin terms of the area in terms of you know what the propertyhas. Rightmove for example do have a map on that as wellso make sure that you check on the map and that you’re happy with

the locationyou’re happy with the distance of that property to the nearest publictransportation point do all that before you actually arrangefor viewing so that you won’t waste your time now once you find your perfectproperty great but here comes the most difficultpart that i found especially if you are going to rent inbig cities like London Manchester or Birmingham, you areprobably going to be asked to put down an offer at this point some of you might be thinking

what? Basically in London if you’relooking for rental property on the websitethere’ll be a rental price stated on the websitehowever that price isn’t final as you knowthe properties are always in demand in Londonso one property are gonna have loads of people looking at the property andwanting that property so what the landlords do is the landlordwould want everyone who wants to rent this property put down an offer of how much they are willing to payand

the landlord will be picking a tenanton that basis now in terms of how muchover the listed rental property price that you want to beputting offer down for is a bit of a trickyanswer because it all depends on first of all how much you can affordand then it also depends on how desperate you are and whether how muchyou like the property i would say between one and a halfpercent and i would say maximum of four percentfrom

the original listed price as an offer now if youroffer has been accepted by the landlord congratulations and the next processwill be reference checking now if you just move from anothercountry to the uk this reference check process can be alittle bit tricky because you haven’t builtenough credit score in the uk if you want me to doa video about how i built my own credit score when i first moved to the uk please comment with yes at the comment box below and

the ni’ll squeeze in a video for you now the reference check could take a couple ofdays but once you pass the reference checkthe next step would be having to pay for the refundable depositwhich i mentioned before that is calculated asright around five weeks rent when you pay for this deposit i wouldlike to emphasize that you should make sure check with theagency or the landlord make sure that it is held by

the DepositProtection Service the Deposit Protection Serviceis a scheme granted by the government that protects the tenantsdeposit so making sure that your deposit is held under TDS you can ensure thatyou can get your deposit back regardless i oncemoved out from a property and the landlord refused to refund me mydeposit because he said that the cost to fix the property for thewear and tears

that i caused was gonna cost him a couple of thousands of pounds i then disputed that to the TDS schemeand guess what i got most of my deposit backso that is just how important it is to make surethat your money is held under TDS scheme guys as always i do hope you find thisvideo helpful and if you do please give the videoa thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed alreadyplease subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell as well so youdon’t miss any future uploads in regards to London, UK any tips and tricks i may have thank you very much for your time and see younext time

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