5 Most Common Canada Immigration Mistakes | Do Not Do That!

hi everyone my name is Marilyn QuintanaI’m a regulated Canadian migration consultant and also director ofoperations at eVisa immigration and I’m here today to talk about the five mostcommon mistakes that a person can make by applying to immigrate to Canada before we start please give us a thumbsup subscribe to our channel click on the little bell right below so you canreceive the notifications of our new weekly videos and feel free to leave usa comment as well the first mistake

that I’d like to talk about today is notcompleting the forms or the paperwork properly completely the forms may seemeasy but when you complete the form you are making a declaration and when theofficer receives that information they are looking for specific answers to seewhether you not to qualify for the program so a simple mistake canjeopardize your application and also the way

that you organize the documents andpresent the documents is very important this because when the officer will lookinto your documentation they are also seeking very specific information torespond to eligibility requirements a lot of people decided to send a lot ofnot required documentation to support the statement that all makes morecomplicated for the officer to find the answers and eventually

if he doesn’tfind the answer as he may think it may also put your application in danger soyou have to know how to answer correctly and how to prepare the documents in away that’s very clear for the officer that’s receiving your application tounderstand how you are responding to each of the eligibility requirements ofyour application the second mistake that I’d like to talk about it is providingfalse or misleading information and the important point that I have to have inmind is not always the information that you provided that the officer consideras misleading was intentional

it may be a mistake it may be unintentionallyhowever the officer may consider that you provide that information on purposeintentionally to change the way that he would assess your application to changethe possible decision that he would apply to your application if he had thecorrect information of the one that you provided so have to be very very carefulbecause the simple information can also put your application in jeopardy meaninga simple mistake can affect your application negatively and affect thedecision that’s made in your application making sure

that all information aboutyou in your application is consistent and correct and also all the backgroundinformation about you that’s available on the internet for example also isconsistent with what you are applying but you are mentioning your applicationis very important to avoid this issue once a person has an application refusedby misrepresentation they can also be banned to apply to Canada again within the next five years so

this is very very serious thirdmistake that you can make it is about the translations so there’s twoimportant things here first all your documents that are not in English orFrench must be translated and cannot be any translation must be by a certifiedtranslator if it is translator it is in Canada you have certain conditions to tomeet and if the translation is outside Canada the conditions may differ alsoaccording to

the application type that you are applying under it also may havefew differences in how you present the documents for example if you need topresent a copy of the original or certified copy of the original anotarized by a notary public from your country so this all depends and you haveto observe very carefully so your application will not be refused in caseyou don’t provide a translation correctly

the first mistake is aboutusing an tries to representative this is veryvery serious and as you may know a lot of people wanted to immigrate to Canadain the same way that the demand of immigration increases unfortunately thereis a lot of people that want to take advantage of it so a lot of people thatclaim to be professionals however they don’t have the certification they don’thave the qualification and they don’t have the requirements to work in thatoccupation to represent a client before the Government of Canada so be verycareful with whom you choose to work with

if you wanted to confirm if you arerepresentative it is authorized please go to the ICC RC website they have aregistry list there that contain all the name information of all people that areauthorized to represent clients for a fee using a representative that’s not inthe list that’s not authorized may affect your application in differentways first because that person doesn’t have the qualification so

they may notbe preparing your documentation correctly secondly that person has nostanding with the Government of Canada meaning if something goes wrong withthat person cannot represent you to pursue the correctness of yourapplication third that person can disappear at any time because when you dosomething wrong and something illegally you can just disappear right so theperson may eventually run with all your money so you have to be very carefullyand fourth

the Government of Canada once aware that you are using a person that’snot authorized they can also refuse your application so be aware don’t letyourself be fooled by people that doesn’t have the proper credentials towork with migration the fifth mistake it is about not looking for proper andprofessional help when needed some people decide to apply alone without theuse of representative it is okay and if you have the time to do that

the time toresearch any belief that you can read and prepare application that will bein a good way that will lead to the approval that’s totally fine but I seeso many people losing the opportunity to apply because they got stuck eitherbecause they didn’t have time to prepare and research and study maybe becausethey were feeling insecure and then just didn’t move to the next step and thenend up losing

the opportunity and the timing to apply and a lot of people justbecause they believe they have the time they believe they’ll do a better job butthey cannot make it a priority and when it comes to immigration times matter ifyou don’t apply within certain time line your qualification may change completelythe problem a change completely the cutoff points can be completelydifferent and

the immigration policies in Canada are very dynamic they changeall the time it one day the program is open the other day the program closesanother province open so you really have to be very focused to do a good job tomake sure that your application it is correct and better to make sure that youare not losing any opportunity by doing by yourself they were effectively choosingthe best way to apply to immigrate to Canada so if you feel

that you are stuckif you feel that you don’t have the time to prepare and research and understandthe problem you should pursue professional help it can be only forconsultation can be for a technical consultation get before the consultanttake over but it is important for you to recognize well you need to take thatdecision so you don’t lose the opportunity apply okay and if you decided to work with a professional we can definitely help you we are going to leave our contact information right below.

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